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Intriguity Cad-on-Demand is a subsidiary company of Intriguity – a CAD/CAM company headquartered in Mumbai – the jewelry hub of India. Having an extensive experience of more than 8 years in the implementation of CAD/CAM technologies for the diamond jewelry industry, the company boasts of a state-of-the-art infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software for jewelry design & manufacturing. Intriguity has been the Value Added Reseller for Rhino software since 2005 & for Solidscape Inc, USA since 2008 for implementing their CAD/CAM software’s & 3D Printers in India.

The company now offers CAD modeling, rendering & animation services for jewelry manufacturers across the world in a unique format that is extremely affordable, convenient & flexible for the customer. This unique concept allows jewelry designers, retailers & manufacturers to take advantages of digital manufacturing without having to go through a cumbersome learning curve of 3D modeling.

Digital Manufacturing is the future of Jewelry Manufacturing. With the emergence of affordable & high resolution 3D Printers that can directly print CAD files to master models that can further be casted, finished & stone-set within a matter of hours, the only challenge in getting the product faster is the designing of the CAD file. Although, numerous 3D modeling software’s offer a very user friendly environment to model jewelry, as the design becomes a little complicated it becomes very difficult for a novice designer to produce a good quality model unless they have several hundred hours of practice. Hiring a CAD designer is an alternative if the number of models produced per month is substantial, but if the number of models is not much, the cost per model increases substantially.

Intriguity Cad-on-Demand offers solutions to the problems faced by jewelry designers & manufacturers in a very cost effective, flexible and convenient manner. We have a team of well experienced, talented and highly motivated Cad Designers to model your jewelry in 3D Cad in the fastest turnaround time. Our designers have produced some of the most intricate designs on industry standard software’s such as Rhino RhinoJewel & RhinoGold. The designs produced by Intriguity Cad-on-Demand are ready to print on any 3D Printers or can be milled using a CNC. We provide our customers the following key benefits.

  • Affordability due to lower cost per model produced.

  • Fastest turnaround time due to experienced & highly talented Cad Designers.

  • Flexibility to use our services as per requirement.

  • Convenience of producing intricate & high quality Cad models from the comfort of your office.

We have an intuitive web based collaborative order processing methodology to execute customer orders in the fastest lead times. For more information or to request a 3-model free trial, pls contact Mr Vikrant Rawa on vikrant@intriguity.com

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